Significant Impact

In our quest to achieve our core mission of changing lives and securing futures using progressive art therapy, we also deal with fundamental issues such as providing transportation, tuition payment and food for our benefactors. We have partnered with the foremost special-needs institution in Ghana, SENDRAC (Special Education Needs Counselling and Drama Therapy Centre), and Harmony Community Centre to help us reach our ultimate objectives.

An Organized and Accountable System

As much as impact is paramount, equally essential is that all main stakeholders demonstrate their willingness to actively participate in the process to make it a sustainable endeavour. As such, KASA FIE ™ routinely keeps up with the development and progress of all benefactors, while receiving timely updates from key stakeholders. For us to be able to play a leadership role in our chosen sphere, all invested parties must be sufficiently organized so as to have the capacity to implement our goals and provide the required follow-up to guarantee its sustainability.

Deep Rooted Investment

To make sure that we stay innovative and that our efforts are not marginalized as merely theoretical, we work hand in hand with families and communities, listen to their needs, and then modify our approach accordingly. As such, we continually craft solutions that last and spread under the steam of the communities themselves.

KASA FIE ™ is an international non-profit foundation created by Ghanaian art luminary and Lamra Galleries founder, Marigold Akufo-Addo, in 2012.

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