Kasa Fie has partnered with the Special Educational Needs, Counselling and Dramatherapy Centre [SENCDRAC], which is a non- governmental organisation set to embrace; as forms of  interventions for children within the age range of 8 to 16 who have been diagnosed with one form of special need or the other. 

These interventions are done with the intent to help children with special needs increase their quality of life. SENCDRAC’s interventions are intended to also develop communication skills and to draw out talents in these children.

The SENCDRAC Project entails teaching children with learning problems, in the classroom.  SENCDRAC uses activity-based teaching methods to provide specialised education for children who are low achievers in the classroom.

The Centre, which is the first of its kind, in Accra aims to develop support programmes for pupils who are at risk of dropping out of school due to some special need. These children have difficulty in keeping up with their peers in the prescribed national curriculum of education.

SENCDRAC aims to promote positive achievement teaching methods for teachers to encourage them to provide special education in the classroom.Pastoral care and learning, and counselling as well as intervention for special needs and students at risk of dropping-out of school are also the aim of this project.

The crucial areas of SENCDRAC’s concentration are children with the following challenges:

Children with these challenges often experience difficulties in the classroom and on the playground. In the classroom, such children may have trouble understanding and following instructions, sharing information, responding to questions and learning to  read and write; which could lead to disruptive behaviour, difficulty forming and maintaining friendships, low self –esteem and poor academic achievement.


In Dramatherapy and psychodrama interventions, the use of primarily role play to express and integrate emotions, beliefs, values and thoughts promote a sense of self-actualization which is essential in building a positive self-esteem and consequently improve communication skills, social integration and learning.

Expressive Arts facilitates change through a dramatic process. It uses the potential of drama/theatre to reflect and transform life experiences to enable pupils to express and work through problems they are encountering. We also use this form of therapy as an intervention to unearth creative skills.

KASA FIE ™ is an international non-profit foundation created by Ghanaian art luminary and Lamra Galleries founder, Marigold Akufo-Addo, in 2012.

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