Who We Are


Mission Statement:

KASA FIE ™ is an international non-profit foundation created by Ghanaian art luminary and Lamra Galleries founder, Marigold Akufo-Addo, in 2012. At the core of our mission is art as a therapeutic and transformative force to improve the living conditions of orphans and the disabled. Sustainably.


Our name, KASA FIE ™, is culled from the foremost Akan dialect——Twi. It essentially translates as: House of The Spoken Word. Culturally, that speaks to the poetic and erudite power of the arts manifested within a safe haven——where all charity begins.

Embracing this ethos, we believe that every child, no matter their brand of adversity, is indeed a future star.

We secure futures.



Art is a profound force. Combining its virtue with that of measured therapy, we deploy a creative process along with the artwork that our benefactors create to help them explore feelings, resolve emotional conflicts, manage behavior, reduce anxiety, boost self-esteem, amongst other things. Our main goal is to improve or restore a benefactor’s functioning or sense of well-being. Being keenly aware of our cultural lexicon and environment has made us comprehensive in scope; in that, we go beyond therapy, we also serve as a house on wheels for various orphanages and institutions of learning for the disabled. We provide specialized assistance and solutions to their ancillary needs and problems.


Our initial assessments lead us to believe that an appreciable amount of special-needs youth and children at orphanages do poorly at school. Their sometimes aggressive and disruptive behavior has led many parents and custodians alike to keep them out of educational institutions. It became apparent to us that there was an opportunity to assist in changing these children’s lives and futures by actively getting involved and offering sustainable assistance via art therapy and parallel structural support.